Beethoven Room

Welcome to our online booking system!

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Beethoven Room

#During the semester Beethoven Room is for internal use only# One of our smaller practice rooms, Beethoven Room is 22m² big and, therefore, perfect for individual rehearsal.

Please keep in mind:
* playing an instrument is not allowed when the doors and windows are open (to avoid noise pollution).
* after finishing with your rehearsal/concert etc, please disinfect the pianos and other surfaces you touched.
* at the current moment auditions/concerts/courses need to comply with the government regulations to avoid the risk of COVID-19 spreading further.

Book your chosen practice room at least one hour in advance, if this is not possible, we would ask you to call our short notice hotline: 0660 88 11 288.  

If you need to cancel one of your bookings, please write us an email prior to the appointment. 

We offer free internet access through out our whole venue.