Baroque Hall

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Baroque Hall

Our small but beautiful Baroque Hall with its 56m² is a suitable location for auditions, recordings and smaller events. It can accommodate around 20 and in combination with the Rome Room even up to 30 people. Furthermore, it harbours a great grand piano to make your time worthwhile and produce wonderful music.

Please keep in mind:

* playing instruments are not allowed when the doors and windows are open (to avoid noise pollution).
* after finishing with your rehearsal/concert etc, please disinfect the pianos and other surfaces you touched.
* at the current moment auditions/concerts/courses need to comply with the government regulations to avoid the risk of COVID-19 spreading further.

Book your chosen practice room at least one hour in advance, if this is not possible, we would ask you to call our short notice hotline: 0660 88 11 288.  


If you are planning an audition, event, sound or video recording, we recommend that you book the Mozart Room and Baroque Hall together. This means that you will not be disturbed by other musicians and you can concentrate solely on your performance.